Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oriental Cats Longhaired & Shorthair Exotic Cats


The Oriental Cat is a member of the Siamese family of the non pointed variety. Coming from their homeland of Siam to Britain somewhere in the 1800's. Considering its a recessive gene that causes the pointed (Siamese) cats coloring one has to wonder how many of the Oriental Cats were shipped over. The breed wasn't recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association until 1977.


The Oriental Cat comes in solid colors the color is through and through from the tip to the shaft the color remains the same. They also come in Tabby, Bi-color, Smoke pattern, Shaded Pattern, and Parti-colored. They have a very short sleek coat that lays flat against the body. the have almond shaped eyes, large ears, and an narrow muzzle. Finely boned and good muscle structure. He is a very sinewy feline that you might find with either short or long hair. Which you can see from the examples here:

Oriental Cats
Longhaired Oriental Cats


Shorthaired Oriental Cats


The Oriental Cat (not unlike the Siamese) is a big talker and will interact with you vocally sounding much like a crying baby. They crave human companionship and will bond nicely with their favorite person becoming very loving. They are quite playful and will remain so their entire life. If socialized early on they will get along with other pets in the home, and adjust to all visitors to the family home.